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Signing up for 1Win is a quick and easy process that will only take a minute or two. Although this casino offers a wide variety of demo games for those who want to bet without real money, you need to be registered with 1Win to access real money betting. If you're ready to join the action and open an account, here's a quick guide that will show you the simple steps to follow:

The first thing you should do is enter the official 1win website

Click the green button in the top right corner that says Create Account.

Then you must fill out the registration form

Immediately after clicking, a pop-up window with a form is displayed, in this tab you can choose the way you want to register on 1win, you have two options: through social networks or register with personal data.

By choosing the first option you accept the Terms and conditions that involve connecting a social network with the casino. You can connect through your Google, Facebook, Telegram account, among other social networks. If you agree to this form, simply click on the social network you want to link to the casino, identify yourself with the corresponding account and that's it, with a single click 1win collects all the information you need to create your account and immediately creates your user.

In case you decide to register with personal data as standard

You must fill in all the fields on this form: currency of the country in which you wish to place your bets, deposit and withdraw, telephone, email, password and, if applicable, you can also enter a promotional code to receive special promotions for your registration and finally accept the terms and conditions. 1Win normally generates an automatic password when you register, you can save it and use it, or you can also change it as soon as you have access to your new user profile.

Finally, you have to click on the create account button and your username will open

After clicking, your account will be automatically created in 1Win and you will be logged in to your computer. Prepare! Now you have an account and can explore every corner of 1Win to bet or play at the casino. Although not mandatory, the only step left to start betting is to deposit money into your 1Win account.

Long registration or account verification

Account verification on 1win ensures security, eliminates scammers, identifies minors and helps identify bots. All users must verify their account at least once, it is a mandatory procedure that you must do if you want to keep your account and withdraw the money you have won on 1win, but also very simple that does not cause any major problems.

Most of the time 1Win sends an email or message through your user account requesting the necessary data, for some users this happens during the first month after registering on the site and for others it is only mandatory when you wish. Withdraw your money, you have the option of waiting for the bookmaker to request the necessary information or you can also do it yourself.

If you want to verify your account, we recommend that you do this as soon as you register, these are the steps you must follow and you want to do this process on your own:

  1. Log into your 1win account and click on your user's avatar, then enter the personal data tab

  2. Fill in the blanks with the necessary personal information. It is very important not to make mistakes anywhere, that is, to be consistent with the information and fill in all the personal data requested. Otherwise, it may be impossible to withdraw your money and your account may be temporarily closed or blocked.

  3. Attach scans of the necessary documents to confirm your identity. Win generally requests proof of identification and residence, such as:

  • A passport

  • Driver's license

  • An identity document

  • A utility bill

However, these required documents may change depending on the country from which you access the 1Win website. The verification process usually takes a few hours. The maximum waiting time is two business days. Once you successfully complete the verification process, you will be able to fully enjoy all the features and benefits of your 1Win account. Don't forget to keep your personal details updated in case of changes and remember to gamble responsibly.

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